About Full Frame

Full Frame provides video production and photography services to help local, national and international non-profit organizations share their stories and create positive and lasting change in the world. 

Since 1998, Full Frame has worked closely with numerous organizations and their creative agencies to produce television programs, public awareness commercials, web-based social media and special event videos.

We strive to tell important stories with honesty and respect while producing engaging and creative content that educates, motivates and inspires. That changes the way people think – that gets them involved in the solution.

We work closely with the creative agencies of wide range of organizations to understand their goals and establish criteria to measure success. Many of our projects are the key element of an organization’s fundraising strategy. After many years in the business of video production for direct response, we understand what works - what it takes to compel a potential donor to respond to a client’s message. 

In addition to complete video production and post-production services, Full Frame provides production planning, logistics, creative design and overall project management. Through strategic partnerships with other talented individuals, we also offer motion graphic animation and original music scoring.

We work as a small but passionate crew carrying just what we need to film in some of the most challenging places on earth. We document the harsh and often tragic reality of extreme poverty. It’s never easy, but it’s an incredible opportunity to be part of something truly inspiring.
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About Scot McDonald; Owner/President

As a director, videographer, video editor and photographer, I’m hands-on from conception to finished product. You could say I wear many hats – but for me that’s a good thing.  I enjoy working through the entire creative process and guiding our small team of talented individuals. It helps keep our projects focused on their goals and maintains a clear vision from beginning to end. It also helps us work efficiently and effectively within a limited budget – an essential thing for non-profit organizations. 

As a director and videographer I prefer to travel light and keep things simple. I don’t carry cases of camera gear to show off. After almost three decades in this business I’m fortunate to have the technical experience and confidence to focus on story telling rather than obsessing about equipment. It’s easy to spend way too much time and energy fixating on codecs, bit rates, and sensor size.

Doing this type of work means putting humanity first and technology second. It’s important to build trust through compassion, respect and patience.  My goal is to always be prepared and in the moment - ready for anything. 

In cinematography full-frame refers to the full image at maximum width and height. The big picture. But for me, full-frame also means capturing those small details and unpredictable moments that often go unnoticed but draw you into the story.

I’m often asked how I deal with seeing so much poverty and suffering. I answer that rather than feeling full of sadness and despair, I always travel home with a great deal of hope – inspired by the people I’ve met. People with immeasurable  strength and courage in the face of unimaginable obstacles. And by the people who work on the front-lines doing amazing things everyday. People who are making a real difference and creating a better world.